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Factose Intolerant Unisex Tee

Factose Intolerant Unisex Tee

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Have you ever tried to talk to someone and you just could not seem to get through to them no matter what you said, no matter how you said it. It was like talking to a BRICK WALL. Do you know people that are never wrong, or you cannot have discussions with about politics, religion, or education because it will completely ruin the mood because they cannot accept any opinion outside of their own. This shirt is the best shirt to wear around this type of person to let them know exactly how you feel in their presence. 

  • Super comfortable and cozy cotton/polyester blend
  • Digitally printed to prevent damage during washing/drying for longer life
  • Slim fit, please refer to size chart for actual measurement
  • For correct measurements please refer to sizing chart below

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