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I Know You Want To Be Riding Me Unisex Tees

I Know You Want To Be Riding Me Unisex Tees

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Ever wanted to have a shirt that could carry a triple meaning...HERE IT IS!!! If your boss is the micromanager and you just want them off your case and you want to give them the message in a subtle but not so subtle way, wear this one to work. Or if you have that one person that just won't leave you alone and you have told them time and time again you are not interested...give them a hint; wear this shirt next time you know you will see them. Or if you are a bike rider and the cars are following too closely, your biker buddies will get a laugh out of this one. Let this shirt speak for you!!! 

  • 100% Super Soft and Cozy Cotton. (It will be your favorite tee.)
  • Unisex Fit So That It’s a Little Loose and Comfy
  • Digitally Printed and Shipped From the USA
  • Ships From Our Warehouse in 3-5 Days
  • For sizing details, click Size Chart

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